Paleo & Pregnant

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I am beyond excited to announce my long awaited pregnancy!  My husband and I have two boys ages 12 and 14.  My first pregnancy went very well and I Worked up until the day I had him.   My second pregnancy was an awful trial which ended in a sac with no baby.  I had to have a DNC/DNE and at that time was relieved that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.  I had been extremely sick for 3 months and then one day it all just stopped.  I went in to be checked and found out the devistating news.  It was such a horrible experience, as is every miscarriage.  Soon after the failed pregnancy, I felt very sick and went to the dr to find out why.  I wasn’t told that you are very fertile after a DNC and didn’t even think about the fact that I could be pregnant!  After talking with my dr they decided to give me a pregnancy test.  I laughed and told them it wasn’t possible because of what I had just gone through.  Well to my surprise, I was indeed pregnant and in for a very long and hard, high risk pregnancy.  My hormones weren’t right and caused major health problems for me.  Luckily, baby was always healthy.  We had our second child in Jan of 2004.

My health wasn’t horrible after I recovered, until I got viral meningitis 2 weeks after the birth.  I was in the hospital for a week, and then it took about 6 months to recover.  It wasn’t until I healed that I became very interested in health and nutrition.  I worked out and took a few classes in healthy eating.  I became very fit and finally understood what nutritious eating really meant.  Still, I had multiple health problems and hormone issues.  I went on hormone replacement therapy and felt great for about a year.  I was body building and eating pretty healthy, only to get adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety and skin problems.  My health depleted rapidly and by ob’s recommendation I finally went off gluten.  Not long after, I went off dairy, and had already been off refined sugar for a year or so.    It seemed to help a little, but not enough.  I continued to struggle, and was a mystery for the many doctors I saw.  I was told I was bi polar, ADD, depressed and manic.  I never believed any of it.  I became depressed because I didn’t understand why I felt so horrible.  I met a few helpful people along the way who helped me and gave me some helpful tools to understand what I wa going through.  I was holding on to some major pain from my childhood as well as having many food allergies.  I was mentally, physically and  nutritionally depleted in every way.  After close to a year of searching for answers, I was blessed to meet a holistic counselor who worked with me to heal my painful past.  Through my time with her, I healed mentally and that helped me heal physically.  I still had some lingering health issues, and searched for answers.   I was blessed to meet a nutritionist who helped me understand what the paleo lifestyle is.  I latched on to that idea and never looked back.

I healed my hyperthyroidism and hypoglycemia naturally.   All of my Hashimotos symptoms were disappearing.  I noticed a difference within a couple months.  My stomach felt better, my skin got clearer, my energy was higher and I felt a zest for life.    I finally healed after being sick my whole life.  We had wanted to add to our family for about 10 years, and we tried, being disappointed time and time again.

I have been living this Paleo lifestyle for about 1 1/2 years now, and to our surprise we Finally got pregnant!  We still can’t believe it’s true, but this is apparently very common for women who have been on the Paleo diet for the same amount of time.  I now know that I needed to heal my body completely before I could conceive.

Our family is living a healthy lifestyle.  We are taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits.  I am so grateful for all of the trials that I have been through.  I have learned so much and gained tons of knowledge about our bodies and how they work.  Our food can be reponsible for so many of our health problems or successes.

I reccommend trying the Paleo lifestyle for all you women with similar stories to mine.  Paleo food is a healthy, natural alternative to medication, and hormone replacement therapy.  I am proof that it works and is worth the difficulties that may go along with it.  I will share my pregnancy journey with you and hopefully my Paleo pregnancy can help and inspire you!

Paleo & Pregnant

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Jenny- Health Nut & Founder of Pure Goodies




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