Paleo Yogurt Bowl

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I love breakfast!  Breakfast and the Paleo lifestyle go hand in hand.  I am always whipping up some new creation, and this little yogurt bowl is one of them.  It’s quick and full of nutrition… And Probiotics!

Probiotics can strengthen your immune system, improve bowel regularity and gut strength, improve skins function and SO MUCH MORE…  I have noticed great changes in my health since adding Probiotics to my regimen.  *Note* I don’t think it’s healthy to rely on capsule probiotics forever though.  I would recommend adding them for a couple months and then take a break, but probiotics found in food is Great! (This is my opinion, as I am not a certified nutritionist)

I purchase my Goat Kefir at Sprouts Farmer Market or Whole Foods Market.  I use the Plain, unflavored and unsweetened.  I sweeten it up with my own refined sugar-free jam and fresh fruit.  I actually don’t mind the Kefir all by itself as well.  You can add whatever nuts and fruits you love, and you may even want to try making some Paleo Granola for it too!  I will post a recipe for that soon.

(PALEO) Yogurt Bowl:

1-2 C “RedWood Hill Farm” (Plain) Goat Kefir

1 T Refined Sugar-Free Jam

1 T sliced Almonds

Optional Topping Ideas:

*Paleo Granola

*Hemp Hearts

*Fresh fruit

*Almond Butter

yogurt with jam shot.jpg


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Jenny- Health Nut & Founder of Pure Goodies



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